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The area was established by Henry B. Plant in 1885. When he was developing the area, he built a railroad line and a port including the St. Elmo Inn and Port Tampa Inn in order to bring visitors who will be willing to stay permanently as residents. This neighborhood was visited by over 33,000 military personnel during the 1898 Spanish-American War in Cuba of which most of them eventually stayed back after the war. The city was seized in 1961, but residents still feel the area's heritage. The town celebrated its history in 1993 when it hosted a centennial commemoration which included events such as home tours and block party. To get more knowledge on Tampa's history take a trip to Tampa Bay History Center 10 miles out of Port Tampa City. There is an annual gala hosted by the museum which community members and serves as an avenue to raise funds for the History Center's education programs.

Shopping and Dining

The fact that this area has no restaurant does not mean you cannot dine at night because there are restaurants in surrounding areas that easily accessible at any time. For instance, Slice Pizza and Wing House does not offer just tasty pizza and wings but also pasta, grinders, and salads. You can choose to eat your meal there or put it in a pack for consumption later. The prices at the restaurant are affordable with its military discounts. For those interested in Korean cuisine, a visit to Arirang Korean Restaurant is one of the best options. For a start, you can try the yanks mandu fried dumplings or bacon-wrapped scallops, and then for the main course, you can request for pork and beef bulgogi. To get a taste of the world's best, try the trio of Korean tastes consisting of a small salad, grilled pork, and savory pumpkin soup. Hula Bay Club offers you the best of fresh seafood. Its environment provides an avenue to sit outside and dine. For lighter meals, you can go for salmon salad. You can take some tuna nachos for appetizer and then order a monster catch for a heavy meal. You can also go to one of the surrounding bars for a night out. Most of the venues are within 4 miles from Port Tampa city. Elmer's Sports café is characterized by its juke box, and strong drinks makes customers have regular visits. It also offers free karaoke sometimes, so you make a show of your voice.

Due to lack of shops in the neighborhood, the residents have to go few miles to the south of Tampa in order to shop. The shops offer varieties of cloths from retro to work wear and casual wear. You can check online for suitable handbags and necklace to fit your dressing. At Penelope T boutique customers are offered stylish women's clothing and up-and-coming brands that department stores don't sell. You can also get new brands such as Velvet and Corey Lynn Calter dresses. The farmers' markets are also patronized by residence. At the Fruit of the Vine Organics 7 miles outside of Port City organic fruits and vegetables can be bought . Also, storage tips and recipes are offered. The market has also made provision for home and business delivery in South Tampa area for just a charge of $5. For those that prefer to shop at a supermarket, Publix is a suitable destination just 4 miles away from Port Tampa City.

Parks and Recreation

When in Port Tampa City take some time to visit the local parks and enjoy the fine weather. You can also visit Ballast Point Park located just four miles from Port Tampa City to enjoy your walking exercise or water sport. There is also a playground for children and an area for fishing. Those that want to exercise can choose to either go for a walk or jog. The park is also dog-friendly so you are free to bring along your dogs. The Ballast Point Park host an annual Ballast Point Park Walk and Launch that comprise a 4-mile walk with the starting point at the park and proceeding along Bayshore Boulevard. Another perfect spot for fishing is the Picnic Island Park one mile away from the city. The Picnic Island Park also have a playground for kids and a sectioned area for dogs. You can decide to walk or jog along the beach or sit back and have a barbecue. The park serves as host to the annual Picnic Island Adventure Run.


Cost of living in Port Tampa City is 5 percent lower than average. Residents can pay $1,284 per month for rent for a one-bedroom residence. Even when boarding the MetroRapid bus, passengers pay just $2 for a one-way trip. The cost of a beer is just $5 compared to $8 in other places and the cost of fueling vehicles is one percent lesser than the average.

Schools, Health & Transportation

The majority of the residents in the area prefer to drive their own vehicles than use public transport when moving around the area. The ease of access to FL-618 and the free residential free parking makes it less difficult to navigate around the area. For those who prefer to use public transport, the MetroRapid bus is available to carter for their transportation needs. There are cabs also, but you have to call ahead if you need the service or you can simply book a ride with Uber. It is advisable to stick to nearby paths rather than walking or biking on busy roads although some of the residential streets are accommodating to the use of bikes.

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