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Ballast Point Real Estate and Information

Toward the end of the nineteenth century, boats making for the shore on this side of the Florida Coast had to stop at the Ballast Point to discard their ballast rocks just so to be light enough to safely cross the shallow water. This was before the bay was dredged and before its beautiful neighborhood was acquired by Tampa’s upper class as vacation spots.
It is situated east of the peninsula between Tampa Bay and Hillsborough Bay. Known for its beautiful surroundings and languid perception of time, its inhabitants often describe it as "where the grand oaks meet the bay."
With its fair prices, nearness to the shore, and easy commuting, Ballast Point is fast regaining its popularity in the Tampa Bay area amongst new settlers who are revamping modest, concrete-block homes while some are pulling down the small houses and erecting larger structures, some are building houses with tin roofs, large porches and the clapboards which are characteristic of old Florida Architectural styles.


Parks and Recreation

The wharf at Ballast Point serves as a great fishing spot, walking or just sitting, savoring the remarkable view of the Tampa skyline. The wooden structure spans an overwhelming 960 feet into Hillsborough Bay. Sometimes dolphins are sighted in the bay waters alongside people sailing out of the elite Tampa Yacht and Country Club. Thousands of people usually gather, each spring, in the neighboring MacDill Air Force Base for the annual Air Fest.


Houses at the Ballast Point are a varied medley of architectural styles ranging from simple ranch homes to Mediterranean revival architecture, positioned on oak-shaded spreads or waterside estates. A modest single-family house costs between $150,000 and $800,000 while the cost of renting a two-bedroom apartment in the area ranges between $900 and $1,100.

Schools, Health & Transportation

The schools in Ballast Point are served by School District of Hillsborough County or SDHC. The middle schools and high schools are mid-rated schools, but Ballast Point Elementary School is considered one of the best Elementary schools in the area. Ballast Point is also popular amongst commuters who work on either side of the bay. Downtown Tampa is only a ten-minute drive to the Historic Bayshore Boulevard.

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